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Ashley Neil COLMAN
(1987 - 2013)

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General Details

Name: Mr Ashley Neil COLMAN
Gender: Male
Age: 25 years old
Lived: Monday, 13 April 1987 - Saturday, 30 March 2013

My Story

Ashley's Eulogy; Ashley Neil Colman was born in Blacktown Hospital on 13th of April 1987 to the very lucky parents Mark & Michelle Colman. Ashley was Michelle’s first born with Sister Sarah & Brother Shannon following at 4 year intervals. Ashley also had an older brother & Sister Mathew & Amanda from his father’s previous relationship. Ashley spent his 1st 4 years in Bossley Park, where he learnt to scale fences & jump out windows from around the age of 2. He was always a very, very active little boy & used to ride his bike, skate board & billy cart up & down the footpath all day, as well as with visiting neighbor’s on his own, I had to do regular door knocks to find him. It was while living here that Ashley found his first girlfriend whom he still talked about in his twenties. We moved to Richmond one week before Ashley’s sister Sarah was born & Ashley went to Hobartville Primary School at age 4 ½. With him being so active it was felt that he was ready to go & needed the extra stimulation, more importantly I needed the rest. Ashley went to Richmond High School to start with & did his final year at Plumpton High. He was very bright & achieved good results although to Ashley anything less than 100% wasn’t good enough, he was very hard on himself. Math’s & hands on subjects were his favorite with awards for first place being given. When Ashley left school he spent some time at Burger King & Eagle Boys Pizza before working for Clancy’s Car Yard doing car detailing. His former employer giving him a reference stating that Ashley was extremely reliable with exceptional qualities giving more than 100% every day. The reference was given with the highest possible recommendations of the management. In recent years Ashley did many TAFE courses he seemed to want to know something about everything. Ashley was always a very outdoors person from an early age. He loved gardening, fishing & animals. His favorite place was the river, swimming, catching gudgeon fish & camping. His room growing up was full of fish tanks along with the rest of the house, one tank was never enough. He also loved to breed birds & got a great satisfaction out of seeing young ones fledge. He would sit for ages just watching them. Ashley’s hands on capacity was at times scary with pulling things apart, but also surprising many a time with seeing it assembled again, functioning and without spare parts. Ashley had a heart as big as the ocean, family was very important to him & he loved to help people. If he could help you in some way he would & would do so willingly. Ashley had a thing for wanting to make the lives of the sad and emotionally neglected feel loved and happy often at his own peril, He just wanted the whole world to feel loved. Ashley didn’t hold grudges either; he was always very forgiving no matter what it was that had been done. He was very friendly & would always say hello to people as he pasted by & ask how they were, creating awkwardness for some but opening up to new friends as he went. Of late when Ashley & I walked through places together it felt like he knew every second person there. We walked & he greeted people checking on how they were going. Even with Ashley’s own issues, he was always caring for others feelings and wouldn’t want to offend, he told me that it’s better to say little about someone rather than be hurtful even though it may be correct or the truth. Ashley has touched the hearts of many and He will be missed by all who knew him and will remain in our hearts and memories forever. As he now sits in Gods care and can create havoc in heaven with the added ability of the new wings he should now possess, Miss you my son my mate!

Latest Tributes

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From: animikee
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Ashley I know you can find my little grandson Dylan,,, please look after him for me,, let him know we love him dear...
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Forgot to say, thank you for your help over the last year.
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Into the freedom of the wind, water and sunshine we let you go. Into the winds breath and the hands of the angels and...
Candle Memorial Tribute
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Happy Birthday Ash, We took your ashes and scattered them today at Upper Colo in the river where you can be free in a...
Flower Memorial Tribute
From: SarahColman
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Happy Birthday Ashley. We dedicated this day to you and released your ashes so that you can now be free. spent ti...
Song Dedication Memorial Tribute
From: MyFianceluvuBaby
Song Name:
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Because u loved me by calien deon was our song urs 2 me mine 2 urs.
Heart Memorial Tribute
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My babys father,my life i love u wit all my heart
Memory Memorial Tribute
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Ashley love u so much miss u my beautiful cant ask"why'd u leave me baby"ur not gone ur tellin baby bedstories of mum...
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From: SarahColman
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Happy birthday ash, chris and I went to the pub for a game of pool as we used to do with you, third pub lucky we were...
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Would have been your 28th Birthday today, Sarah, Chris, Shannon, Stuart & I went to Colo for lunch as was one of your...


Fathers Name: Mark Colman
Mothers Name: Michelle Fletcher
Siblings Names: Sarah & Shannon Colman ,Mathew Halpin, Amanda Thew
Country of Birth: Australia
Country of Residence: Australia
City of Residence: Sadleir NSW
Marital Status: Other
Religion: Anglican


Favourite Sport: Camping
Favourite Book: 101 wacky facts about spiders and bugs
Other Interests:
fish, gardening, breeding birds anything to do with nature and outdoors. Also liked to play pool.


Place of Passing: Liverpool NSW
Date of Passing: 30 March 2013
Funeral Venue: South Chapel, Forest Lawn Crematorium
Funeral Location: Camden Valley Way
Funeral Date: 11 April 2013

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